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We are Fort Madison, Iowa, and we are proud of our place here on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River.

We are of the first fortification in the Upper Mississippi, our namesake, which was constructed in 1808 and was on the site of Blackhawk’s first battle with US Troops.  This fort, one of three constructed to protect the new Louisiana Purchase territory, was a sign of safety and security to Americans moving west.

We are the home of a tremendous history.  We are proud to have the oldest prison west of the Mississippi, whose beautiful architecture dominates the landscape of our north side, yet serves as a backdrop to kids, miniature golf, and ice cream.  We are the birthplace of the Sheaffer Pen Company and are proud of the stories and impact that it had on this community.

We are the home to the world’s longest double deck swing-span bridge, which allows  70+ trains per day to cross the Mississippi, as well as opening over 2000 times per year to allow barges to move goods and materials across the world.

We are the home of a beautiful downtown, with historic buildings that have been preserved in an authentic setting, where people still go to the downtown Sears to get appliances.  Shoppers can find the perfect gift, a gooey brownie, a collectible pen, furnish a doll house, and even purchase bulk candy and firearms at the same time.  We are a traditional downtown and the home to moving experiences.

We are home to the Tri-State Rodeo, where people come from all around to celebrate our long-standing connection between agrarian culture and the ability to move things around the world.

We are the home of Siemens, who is producing wind turbine blades that help us to harness nature to power our future.  And in true Fort Madison fashion, you can even catch a glimpse of a train carrying turbine blades passing a train carrying coal, from our elevated railroad bridge.  We are moving things forward.


We are West End and Old Santa Fe Town.  We are Midtown and we are Downtown.  We are a caring community whose traditions still live strong today, whether in the concerts of Central and Old Settlers Parks or at chicken night at the Knights of Columbus hall.  We are the home of moving traditions.

We are Fort Madison, where our rich past, our countless stories, our unique assets, and our exciting future are all amplified by the energy of our people, to whom a handshake is still a bond, where a dream can be realized and a positive spirit can get people moving.

We invite you to come explore for yourself, and you’ll discover the real Fort Madison: Always Moving.

We are a proud Preserve America community.

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Preserve America Community designation recognizes communities that:

  • protect and celebrate their heritage
  • use their historic assets for economic development and community revitalization, and
  • encourage people to experience and appreciate local historic resources through education and heritage tourism programs.