Brain, not brawn, and a large pool of qualified applicants are the keys to a productive labor force in today's more sophisticated business climate. Add to that one of the rare places in the country where traditional American work ethics are a dedicated way of life and Lee County is proud to offer the nation's most outstanding combination of a skilled, productive work force within an extraordinary pro-business locale.

The best work force in the nation offers:

  • Intelligence: First in the nation on average SAT composite scores, tied for first in national state by state educational standards Report Card, 78% of high school graduates head for college education, 59% employer satisfaction with educational preparation vs. 46% nationwide.
  • Productivity: In output per worker hour, local performance is in top one-third of all states.
  • Sophisticated Skills: In the top one-half of the nation for high-tech employment including the 16th highest number of doctoral scientists and engineers. Also in the 10 top states for technology sophistication for K-12 schools and academic research and development.
  • Large available work force: More than 180,000 skilled, educated, highly-qualified workers available in the Greater Lee County influence area.

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