About Fort Madison Partners

About Fort Madison Partners

Fort Madison Partners is the umbrella group bringing together the other organizations which include the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, Economic Development, Fort Madison Southeast Iowa Regional River Commission (FMSIRRC) and the marketing & advertising efforts to visitors to our city.

Fort Madison Partners:

  • Mission: to be Fort Madison’s definitive resource promoting economic and community development.
  • Vision: to be recognized as the principal organization for the sustained growth, development and prosperity of Fort Madison.

Values Mantra – “SCRIPT for Success!”
S – Stewardship
C - Collaboration
R – Respect
I – Integrity
P – Professionalism
T – Teamwork

Chamber of Commerce: The Fort Madison Area Chamber of Commerce is organized to create a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of competitive enterprise. Additionally, the Chamber is responsible for promoting the economic health of Fort Madison by supporting the business community as directed by our membership.

Fort Madison Main Street’s mission is to enhance, beautify, and revitalize the downtown district within district borders through use of volunteer and local efforts as well as state and federal monetary and professional assistance, with a focus to improve the historical and economic health of all public and private structures within the district.

Fort Madison Economic Development Corporation (FMEDC) is to retain, stimulate and facilitate targeted high-wage, high growth business investments that will create quality employment opportunities, diversity and grow the economic base of the area. Enhance the quality of place by taking a supporting role in commercial, residential and tourism development.

Fort Madison Southeast Iowa Regional Riverboat Commission (FMSIRRC): With the regional SIRRC being the nonprofit sponsor of the license for Catfish Bend Casino, SIRRC provides funding received from Catfish Bend Casino and is directly dispersed by SIRCC to area governments including the grant opportunity fund of the Fort Madison Southeast Iowa Regional Riverboat Commission (FMSIRRC) which is a partner of the Fort Madison Partners organization.


Tim Gobble


Tim Gobble,
Fort Madison Partners Executive Director






Maggie Guzman


Maggie Guzman,
Fort Madison Partners Office Manager






Cassie Gilbert


Cassie Gilbert,
Main Street Coordinator






Savanna Collier


Savanna Collier,
Chamber Coordinator